Exceptional Legal Assistance for Juvenile Offenders

Your Child Deserves the Best Legal Representation Available

If you have a child who is involved in the juvenile courts, let us help. You can count on us to represent your child through any offense. Your child has the right to a jury trial, and we'll take your child's case seriously.
Make sure your child gets the best representation. There could be a criminal record for your child, but we can help you reach the best outcome and a bright future. No matter what type of legal situation your child is involved in, make sure you are working with the best attorney.
Juvenile Offender

Juvenile Crimes / Juvenile Criminal Law

Juveniles in Kansas have a right to a jury trial. It is important to take juvenile charges seriously - first for the good of the child, and secondly out of concern for his or her criminal record which may later haunt them as an adult. 

Shawn Elliott is an accomplished criminal defense lawyer, with twenty years of experience and an impressive win record. Let his experience and conviction help your child!

School Law

Mr. Elliott has also advocated for area students facing expulsion hearings. He advocates through the hearing process to help students win favorable results and continue their school career.

Get a Caring Attorney on Your Side

You can work with an attorney who has the experience and dedication to handle your case. Whether you want excellent support for juvenile cases or any other type of criminal situation, you can put our 20 years of experience to work for you.
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