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We at the Law Offices of Shawn Elliott believe in family. We work from the conviction that our Father and Creator has placed the family as the most vital cell of society and that families should be willing to fight to stay together.

“The family has received from God
its mission to be the
first and vital cell of society.”
Second Vatican Council
Juvenile law

DCF Matters / Child in Need of Care Actions / Termination of Parental Rights

The Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) has a policy of supporting children and reintegrating them with their families. If you or your children are being investigated by DCF, you need professional advocacy from the beginning to help keep your family together.
Shawn Elliott has nearly twenty years of experience in this area. As a former attorney for DCF, he knows the internal policies of the Agency and how it works. Put his experience to work for you!
Happy grandparent with a child

Grandparents' Rights / Representation

Children are best raised in the most stable and familiar environment - their own family. When parents fail, or when they are on the long road to recovery, Grandparents - not foster parents - most often have the best interests of their grandchildren at heart. Grandparents have the right to an “interested party status” in court proceedings regarding their grandchildren.

In extreme cases, grandparents may see fit to file a Child In Need of Care Petition themselves, first to protect the grandchildren, and secondly to set the parents feet on the road to rehabilitation. We have personally helped grandparents obtain full custody or foster care of their grandchildren in those cases when Mom and Dad’s road to recovery takes longer than it should.

Helping Your Family Stay Together

Call now to learn more about our juvenile law services. You may be scared and frightened, but we promise to fight for you and your family. You'll be pleased to learn that our owner has over 25 years of experience in the field, and our track record is truly enviable.
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