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If you or a family member is going through a criminal court situation, you need to make sure you are working with an attorney who can help. We have the experience and dedication to help with any situation, so give us a call now.
After having prosecuted, cases for the state of Kansas since 1993, Shawn expanded his practice in 1999 to include criminal defense work. His wisdom and candor have enabled him to get the best results for clients facing charges of all levels. No matter what type of criminal case you are involved in, we want to help.
Shawn Elliott

Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness

At Shawn Elliott Attorney at Law, we firmly believe in the God-given dignity of each and every human being. We work from a faith-based conviction, and it is not a career choice.
Having worked as a municipal prosecutor for over 10 years, Mr. Elliott understands both sides of the system well. He has defended all levels of criminal (misdemeanor through felony) matters for about 20 years. His dual experience gives him unique wisdom and has brought him the respect of his legal colleagues.
Shawn Elliott is known for his professionalism, candor, and concern for his clients. His honesty and integrity with judges and adversaries, in the end, mean better results for his clients. In 2011, this professionalism was widely recognized when he was selected to serve on the Kansas Sentencing Commission in Topeka.
Shawn Elliott is a lawyer with a fighting spirit. As a second-degree black belt and an honorably discharged Captain from the United States Army Reserve, he knows what it means to be a warrior and to fight for the rights of others.

A Lawyer's Prayer

By St. Thomas More

Grant that I may be able in argument,
Accurate in analysis,
Strict in study,
Candid with clients, and honest with adversaries.
Sit with me at my desk,
And listen with me to my client’s plaints,
Read with me in my library,
And stand beside me in court,
So that today,
I shall not,
In order to win a point,
Lose my soul.

The credo of our attorney firm has been inspired by this poem, and it encourages us to stay on the path of righteousness. Call to schedule an appointment today!
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